fourteen days in nyc

This past Sunday marked my 14th day as an official, permanent resident of NYC and for the first time in the two weeks since my move, my head is once again bursting with inspiration. I think the overwhelming pressure has finally settled enough for my head to clear enough space for thoughts that aren’t anxiety-ridden. Things are falling into place well and September will be a busy month. It has been nice that my days lately have been filled with familiar faces (both those I'd met before and those who were once only illusions from the internet). These are just a small selection of observations and memories to collect, mostly from an evening at Central Park where a group of us gathered to listen to Beirut perform and from Sunday spent at Coney Island and Pratt.



shirt//  h&m      shorts//  C/O sheinside     shoes//  urban outfitters    jewels//  thrifted


I shot these (with the assistance of my mom!) months ago when I was living in Texas. I wish I would have made more time for style blogging when I was there because when I moved to NYC a couple weeks ago, I only brought one suitcase of clothes with me and I am now having separation anxiety from all the things still hanging up back home. It's kind of nice having everything in my current possession be able to fit inside one suitcase though. Anyway, I'm posting on lookbook.nu again, you can see this look on there by clicking here.