in-between shadows

vtg. lace top// thrifted  vtg. glittery cape// thrifted  leather shorts// thrifted  dr. martens// thrifted

Originally, my only goal with this outfit was to contrast the Victorian top (which was probably actually made in the 60's) with the leather shorts and combat boots. Adding the glittery cape definitely took it back to being more dainty and I felt very much like a little character, so I spent a couple hours in my apartment playing around in the light from the windows. This also might be the first time I've ever taken photos without eye makeup. I usually put some on because otherwise I look very young (and even with I am usually assumed to still be a teenager), but luckily this lip color sort of balances it out so I don't look like a total ghost baby.


  1. You are so pretty! I love these pictures and outfit.

  2. I noticed you're not wearing any makeup. You look so pretty, even without :) I'm always mistaken for being YEARS younger than I actually am, esp when I don't wear any makeup.

    I love the Victorian lace top. The mood goes perfect with the setting.

  3. Hi there) I like your blog very much. I would be happy to be friends with you. Could we follow each other?


  4. I absolutely love your style! Your blouse is beautiful and I love the contrast with your Docs!

    Xo, Hannah


  5. I really love your style! it's so amazing seeing your work & style because it takes me to another world. A fantasy that I don't want to leave.